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HooperSonic (est. 2015) is the brightly coloured, fun and friendly, business baby of Amy MacCutchan; Mom boss, chief hula hooper, and fabulous fitness cheerleader. She has been happily hooping since 2011. 

​Most people ask her: "How did you EVER get into such a thing!?"

Amy answers: "Well, I used to be bad at hula hooping... REAL BAD! Until one evening when I met up with a wonderful group of hoop dancers in Withrow Park in Toronto, Ontario at a free Hoop Jam. Someone handed me a GIANT 'adult-sized' hoop and explained the proper technique. I was hooked! It was at that moment that I uncovered my new passion for hooping; Something I never even knew existed before that day."

Focusing on dance-based hula hooping fitness, HooperSonic encourages people of all ages and abilities to get in a hoop and give it a spin. As an instructor, Amy's positivity and encouraging teaching methods will make you feel safe and welcome as you begin or continue your exciting hoop dance journey the HooperSonic way!

​If you are looking to add FLAIR and FABULOUS to your event, look no further than HooperSonic to provide you with customizable programming which can include; interactive demos, solo or group performances, interactive hoop zones and/or games. Bachelorette parties, Children's birthdays, Corporate events, Festivals, Weddings and SO MUCH MORE! From waist hooping to hand hooping, tricks and tosses, one hoop or ten, HooperSonic leaves you spinning with fun and excitement. 

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