July 17, 2019

Happy July Hoopers!

’Tis the season of hooping outdoors and hopefully, often! It’s also the season that I teach a million children hula hooping. (Which is maybe a contributing factor to why to blog post is so late) It is just nice to have the time to properly sit down and write this blog!

Let me be frank, I am IN LOVE with this hooper. Although I have never met him in person, his creativity and passion shine through his hoop dance via the magic of Instagram. I have been following him for at least a couple of years now and have always been entertained whether he’s using one hoop or four! The best way for me to describe his style in words would be: Tech-y Flow-y Dance-y Fun!

It’s not often to see technical hoop moves paired with this le...

June 14, 2019

It’s June!!!

I like June.... Outdoor flow arts jams have begun in my hometown of Toronto and flow festivals (for me) are only weeks away! I personally can’t wait to get outside more often to spend time inside of my hoop and alongside my flowmies!

Speaking of flowmies, the newest Hooper of the Month already feels like one to me. He is so kind and fun and free speaking! I have been following his journey online for a couple of years, at least. What I love most about his Instagram account is seeing how much he has progressed! You will notice that people who practice almost every day with passion, like June’s HOTM, are the ones who progress the most and fastest. His flippy, fancy, and fun moves make me smile and so does his charming pers...

May 14, 2019

Hooper of the Month – May 2019 – Teaki Hoops

I DARE you…..

To find an Instagram page fill with more colour, cuteness, and flare than the account belonging to May’s Hooper of the Month!

It’s time to confess something first though. I had a hard time choosing someone from Australia this year because I had 2 people I was truly dying to ask. But then I realized… Hey! I make the rules. I can ask 2 if I want to! So, I did....And there is nothing you can do about it! Except, well… you could not read it. But please don’t do that…. Because I have a super fun-filled person you are going to want to follow too!

What other awesomeness will you find on her account??

  • a stunning vintage style

  • the most glorious swimsuits

  • hooping in the pool


April 10, 2019

Hiya Hoopy People!

Let me start this off with a “TRUTH MOMENT”…

When I initially started this Hooper of the Month blog thing over a year ago, I figured I’d last a few months and then I’d quit. I am NOT a writer. It’s always been torture for me to sit and write out things like workshop descriptions, bios, or anything else for that matter…. However, I selfishly wanted to do this as a way to talk to some of my favourite hoopers and maybe these hoopers could help inspire other people along the way. Now after 16 editions, I am still amazed at how I am still here doing this! These monthly blogs did not end up feeling as if they were a chore like I'd expected, but rather; a delight. Not one nominee refused my request or made it difficult. E...

March 11, 2019

Hey Hoopers!

You know that moment when you find something special? I felt that as soon as I stumbled upon the Instagram page for this month's Hooper of the Month!

Rich colours!

Wise advice!

Beautiful smiles!

....Sometimes, I hold back on commenting on a women's smile (or at least leave it until last, since there are so many more important things than having a beautiful smile....RIGHT, LADIES?!) but in this case, it needed to be mentioned. It's straight up - infectious! It pairs well with page full of wonderful videos and images. Her inspirational messages and willingness to share her deep (not always positive) emotions make her easy to connect with and love.

Watching her hoop videos are a treat. SO much energy and skill! Fr...

February 11, 2019

Hello and welcome back for another edition of HooperSonic’s Hooper of the Month!

I am not sure I’ve been this excited about a February in a long time. (Although, I am hoping to hit Mardi Gras and the Immersion Hoop Retreat in New Orleans next year! So I am sure I maaaaay be excited NEXT February as well)

Here in Toronto, February is cold and everyone has usually had it with snow by now. This year we didn’t have a proper snow until just a few weeks ago. It is now clear that winter is here, but if you REALLY think about it…. There are only a few more weeks until SPRING….. is only a few more weeks away.

Back to why I’m excited about February…

This month’s Hooper of the Month is PURE AWESOME! I’ve been following this hoop dancer since I f...

January 10, 2019

Happy 2019!

I hope you all had a lovely holiday, whatever you celebrate. I personally had a pretty low-key Christmas with my family and the break was a welcome change. Now that the hustle and bustle of a new year has begun, I am deeply immersed in teaching my regular weekly classes (woot!!) and planning some awesome Toronto springtime flow events.

HooperSonic is turning 4 years old on March 23rd and, as usual, we will celebrate in style with a mini flow fest featuring talented, local (and surrounding) instructors. We will eat delicious food, draw for raffle prizes and much more… All included in the ticket price! I am really looking forward to this event because each year we make it more fun and this year is shaping up to be just that...

December 10, 2018

Here is it. The VERY LAST Hooper of the Month post for 2018! I have honestly looked forward to these every month. Some people were truly honoured, but I would say the honour has been ALL MINE....err... ours, I guess. We have been granted the fortune of a peek into the lives of fabulous hoopers who have agreed to share their stories. Some hoopers shared some personal and amazing things.... But really it just gave me the chance to be the nosey person that I truly am.  ;)

Will HHOTM continue in 2019? .... Absolutely! 

I am SO not done showcasing hoopers that I love! 

Although, there will be 2 differences with the Hooper of the Month entries for next year:

1) NEW QUESTIONS! - I'll be replacing a few of the current...

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