November 6, 2018


And another Hooper of the Month post is here to share!

I have been watching this particular person for some time now via Instagram and their feed provides a lovely window into a wonderful world of wobbly, wiggly, hoop tech! (WOAH! SO MANY W'S!) You will also catch them playing with a few other flow props such as buugeng and poi! Sometimes, our featured hooper  will show off some sweet dance moves paired with a pretty technical style. This is really refreshing to see because pairing complicated hoop moves while independently moving other parts of your body so nicely, is not that common. If you want kiiiiiiind of an idea of what I am talking about, try rubbing your belly, patting your head, and then, dancing......

June 10, 2018

Happy June Hoopers!

June in Toronto is magical for a hoop dancer. The weather is beautiful, the trees are full with leaves, the flow jams have begun, and we can finally toss a hoop 20 feet into the air without too much consequence. ;) 

Speaking of jams, there are plenty of regular and irregular flow/circus jams in our awesome city. If you are looking for a resource, you can check out the JAMS page right on this website OR there are some great groups on Facebook for last minute or one-off jams... Like this one: Flow Arts - Park Meet Ups

So onto the real reason you are here....

To read about the Hooper of the Month for June!

This month, I'm featuring a NEWish hoop crush of mine. I met her personally at Hoop Path in Toronto this...

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