May 14, 2019

Hooper of the Month – May 2019 – Teaki Hoops

I DARE you…..

To find an Instagram page fill with more colour, cuteness, and flare than the account belonging to May’s Hooper of the Month!

It’s time to confess something first though. I had a hard time choosing someone from Australia this year because I had 2 people I was truly dying to ask. But then I realized… Hey! I make the rules. I can ask 2 if I want to! So, I did....And there is nothing you can do about it! Except, well… you could not read it. But please don’t do that…. Because I have a super fun-filled person you are going to want to follow too!

What other awesomeness will you find on her account??

  • a stunning vintage style

  • the most glorious swimsuits

  • hooping in the pool


October 15, 2018

My favourite month is here! OCTOBER-WEEN! I mean, October...

By the October rolls around, I feel like most people are ready for changes or they are in the process of making changes. I am personally working on HooperSonic and personal health-related changes. I'll keep you posted in the coming months as to what those things are. ;)  

People are also ready for jamming indoors, warm drinks, sweaters, giants scarves, and boots! (But NOT the parkas, yet, thank you very much!) 

However, the best part of October may seem obvious: Halloween

My house is fully awash in creepiness... (Inside and out)

Costumes are being crafted with care...

My son and I are making spooky snacks...

What more is there to life?! 

This month, we are a bit...

June 10, 2018

Happy June Hoopers!

June in Toronto is magical for a hoop dancer. The weather is beautiful, the trees are full with leaves, the flow jams have begun, and we can finally toss a hoop 20 feet into the air without too much consequence. ;) 

Speaking of jams, there are plenty of regular and irregular flow/circus jams in our awesome city. If you are looking for a resource, you can check out the JAMS page right on this website OR there are some great groups on Facebook for last minute or one-off jams... Like this one: Flow Arts - Park Meet Ups

So onto the real reason you are here....

To read about the Hooper of the Month for June!

This month, I'm featuring a NEWish hoop crush of mine. I met her personally at Hoop Path in Toronto this...

April 11, 2018

I keep seeing snow fluttering by here in Toronto, but that is not stopping me from getting overly excited about spring and summer! Siiiigh... Warm weather... a northern hooper's winter dream. The lamps and decorative glassware can come out of hiding! The TV and plants are once again safe from potential demise at the hand of a flying plastic circle. Bye, Living Room. I'm going OUTSIDE! *angelic music*

Ok... So I am still wearing a parka, but I can smell spring! It is close....

Speaking of Northern Hoopers, there is one not too far around Lake Ontario that I'd like to announce as HooperSonic's next Hooper of the Month! This hooper has inspired me in so many ways. His commitment to fresh and creative showmanship leaves me smiling ear to...

February 5, 2018

It's February!  Which means spring is closer and more importantly, outdoor hooping is almost upon us in wintery places like Toronto. Can't wait! 

I'm excited to announce the newest Hooper of the Month but would like to note that I am looking everywhere for the next candidate. It could be a student of mine, it could be someone on social media, it could be anyone out there being a total bad ass with a hoop

I've been watching Instagram a lot lately and recently someone came into my feed with pure energy and mad skill. I immediately fell in love with her buttery shoulder hooping, her athletic abilities, and her fabulous tech skills. I love that this girl likes to take risks because that is how many happy accidents happen.

Without fur...

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