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March Hooper of the Month!

Hello lovlies!

Yep... had some techy-mishaps trying to get this post up last week but I finally got my schedule AND my computer working together. (Thanks, guys...)

I've been especially excited to share this month's Hooper of the Month because it features someone I have known and grown to love over the last few years. It is such a pleasure to be able to continuously witness the benefits of a students regular practice in combination with my weekly teachings. I just happened to recently notice an enormous amount of amazing breakthroughs and changes with this particular the past few months especially. She has really been working hard during class drills and you can see these significant changes in her hoop dancing all around. One particular technique that has me smiling every time is her angle hooping. She is definitely crushing it these days. So I'd like to recognize this and thank her for supporting me as a Toronto hoop teacher. We have been learning TOGETHER for over 4 years now and it's my pleasure to present my interview with HooperSonic's newest Hooper of the Month:


What is your name?

Irene Shimoda

How long have you been hooping and tell the story of how you got into it?

Hooping about 4-5 years. Who's counting when you're having so much fun? Bought my first hoop (and still using it) from Sadie's Well Rounded Hoops at Dovercourt House. My future daughter-in-law wanted to try hooping there. Then my friend, Martine discovered Sugar Hoops at Zero Gravity Circus (now Redwood) in our 'hood. And it's been hooping bliss ever since with Amy of HooperSonic.

Where do you live and what is the hoop scene like there?

Toronto, ON in Canada. Hooping still seems to be under the horizon here.

Who is your hoop crush? Do they have any social media channels so we can crush too?

I don't really keep up with hoopers on social media, but there is a guy in my class named Christopher who is very inspiring!

What else inspires your hoop dance flow?

I really look at hooping as more of a form of exercise!

What move or technique was the most challenging to learn?

Most moves are challenging for me. Takes a while for me to get my brain and body aligned. But when I do, can't believe it was so hard to learn. But that's what I like about Amy's Hoopercise classes: exercises my brain and my body while having fun.

Try, try and try again. Eventually I get it with a tip or two from Amy and lots of encouragement.

What do you love most about the hoop community as a whole?

The hoop community here encompasses all ages and is very welcoming and supportive. Hoopers are happy people since hooping puts you in such a good mood.

Do you consider yourself more of a “body rocker” or an “off body wizard”?

I like both since they give a total body workout.

What is your hoop of choice?

I've only used my big 42" dance hoop, but maybe it's time to try something different??

How has hooping changed your life? Hooping makes exercise fun and makes me feel alive. It's not repetitive like other exercise classes. there's always something new to learn and the music puts a smile on my face. It is also acts as a great stress reliever!

What would you say to a hooping skeptic to try and convince them to start hooping?

You never know until you try it. It's the best kept secret!

Anything else you want to say about hooping?

Hoopercise with Amy has been great!

Thanks Irene for sharing this with us! Congrats to you and Happy Hooping to all!!


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