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October's Hooper of the Month!

My favourite month is here! OCTOBER-WEEN! I mean, October...

By the October rolls around, I feel like most people are ready for changes or they are in the process of making changes. I am personally working on HooperSonic and personal health-related changes. I'll keep you posted in the coming months as to what those things are. ;)

People are also ready for jamming indoors, warm drinks, sweaters, giants scarves, and boots! (But NOT the parkas, yet, thank you very much!)

However, the best part of October may seem obvious: Halloween!

My house is fully awash in creepiness... (Inside and out)

Costumes are being crafted with care...

My son and I are making spooky snacks...

What more is there to life?!

This month, we are a bit late with the Hooper of the Month post, but alas we have got it done!

This young woman flew into my instagram feed earlier this year... First off, this girl knows how to pick a captivating cover for her hoop videos! Once the cover reels you in, you'll also be taken in by her characteristic smile, fun flow, and excellent song choices! Her videos are interesting, because the vibe is always a little different, but I always seem to enjoy the results.

Like so many within the flow arts community, she has found healing and happiness within her hoop.

She is young (18 to be exact) and she has so many, many, more years ahead to craft her skill further. I imagine that she will be absolutely destroying hoops when she reaches my age! (37 to be exact!)

A big CONGRATS and shout out this month to:



What is your name?

My name is Dayana Young, I don’t have a hoop name or a stage name but I’m looking for ideas!

How long have you been hooping and tell the story of how you got into it?

I have been hooping for just about two years now and they have been the best two years of my life. I’m 18 and I’ve known flow arts for 10 years now, thanks to my beautiful momma. In 2008, my mom got into all kinds of flow arts, but I didn’t fall in love with hooping until January of last year when I just had to buy a hoop after binge watching all of @danceswithcircles instagram videos. I have not stopped since.

Where do you live and what is the hoop scene like there?

I live in Upstate New York right at the foothills of the lovely Adirondack Mountains. The hoop scene in my area is very small and I have to travel 45 minutes to get to a flow jam. Let’s just say this is not my permanent place and I hope to travel and meet flow artists everywhere.

Who is your hoop crush? Do they have any social media channels so we can crush too?

My hoop crush? Oh thats easy. Angela (@lilhoopgirl on instagram) is the cutest and she’s got an amazing flow. I cannot wait to meet her one day, her energy is electric.

What else inspires your hoop dance flow?

My hoop dance flow is inspired by a handful of people in my life. I have these friends who taught me the way of movement when I was younger and they were a big contribution to finding my dance flow - without them I don’t think I’d be able to dance the way that I do. My mom and every single person I see on my instagram feed are also incredibly inspiring to me, and I take in a lot from everything that I see!

What move or technique was the most challenging to learn? Do you remember how you felt after you finally unlocked it?

I’d have to say the most challenging trick I’ve learned is leg hooping - taking one foot out - and putting it back in. That one had me stumped for longer than any other trick I have learned. Just could not get it! When I finally figured it out, I felt super badass and of course I jumped around all over the place.

What do you do to get yourself out of a hoop dance “rut”?

When I am in a hoop rut, I try my best to just turn off my mind and my camera, find new music, and let my body take over. Sometimes it is really hard to get out of a rut, but it’s normal and happens to everyone! It’s okay to take a little break every once and a while as well.

What do you love most about the hoop community as a whole?

The hoop community is every single positive adjective in the book. Since being a part of the community, I have grown so much as a person and I have had the honor of watching hundreds of people do the same. I love how we are always growing together, supporting each other, and giving out constant inspiration. I am so lucky to be alive and be apart of something bigger than just props. The hoop community is a part of my life forever and ever!

Do you consider yourself more of a “body rocker” or an “off body wizard”?

My flow is probably smack dab in the middle of “body rocker” and “off-body wizardry”. I love to mix it up and on body it up one day, and get techy and off body the next.

What is your hoop of choice?

My favorite hoop is definitely my UV California Sunset from the shop that I sponsor, @Idreamofhoops. Its the most brilliant orange and it pops so much. I also love that its 3/4” wide and its the perfect size for me (25”). It is always my go-to.

How has hooping changed your life?

Hooping completely changed my life. I used to struggle with depression and intense anxiety. It’s strange to say that I have overcome these things. Mentality is a huge thing. It all started out with being positive and trying to make a conscious effort to change my mindset. Hooping helped immensely and my hula hoop really is my coping mechanism and one of my best friends, hahaha. Not only have I helped my depression and anxiety through hooping, but I’ve gained a lot of confidence, knowledge, and friends!

What would you say to a hooping skeptic to try and convince them to start hooping?

To any hoop critic or anyone who thinks that they cannot do it. DO IT!!! Try it. I used to think that I was a terrible hooper; every beginner is simply that - a beginner. The amount of time and effort you put into it is the key. We all start somewhere. Big tip! Learn a few tricks but don’t make it your priority to only learn tricks. Feel your body and dance with it, even if you think you look bad. As long as you feel good thats the only thing that matters.


Thanks again to Dayana for answering my questions! If you'd like to follow her on Instagram, check out @dayanahoops! Thank you again for reading and see you next month!


Hoops and Hugs


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