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July's Hooper of the Month

Happy July Hoopers!

’Tis the season of hooping outdoors and hopefully, often! It’s also the season that I teach a million children hula hooping. (Which is maybe a contributing factor to why to blog post is so late) It is just nice to have the time to properly sit down and write this blog!

Let me be frank, I am IN LOVE with this hooper. Although I have never met him in person, his creativity and passion shine through his hoop dance via the magic of Instagram. I have been following him for at least a couple of years now and have always been entertained whether he’s using one hoop or four! The best way for me to describe his style in words would be: Tech-y Flow-y Dance-y Fun!

It’s not often to see technical hoop moves paired with this level of gracefulness, but somehow, he pulls it off! Typically set up in front of colourful backdrops, while in fabulous clothing (or sometimes not in much…), this German hooper always has something stunning to share. I was honoured he took the time out of his busy teaching and travelling schedule to answer my questions (From a plane!) Shouting out a big congrats to the one, the only ….


Here is his interview:


What is your name?

Chris Gogler aka: C-Section

Where do you live and what is the flow/hoop dance community like there?

I live in Berlin, Germany. The hoop scene in Berlin is influenced in part by the geography and culture of the city; for example many people would rather travel short or bike rideable distances so often hoopers will stay in or near their own areas to hoop. But we have a really nice scene of lovely, friendly and creative hoopers and when we do see each other it's great.

How long have you been hooping for and how did your journey begin?

I started hooping when I was around 20, that's 9 years ago or so. Two dear friends of mine Alice and Katina were into hooping and took the time to teach me and skill share with me.

Generally, why do you hoop and what benefits have you noticed since you began?

Hooping is currently my favourite form of creative expression. Throughout my life, I've always had some form of creative outlet or other. It's a vital part of who I am and how I am.

Hooping helps me to stay active and has a positive effect on my mental health. It helps me to find beautifully tangible moments of calm, joy, success and passion.

Have you and your hoop travelled to other countries/cities together? What were some of your favourite flow communities to visit? Which places are you (and your hoop) eager to visit in the future?

Yes, I've been fortunate enough to teach and perform in a number of cities across Europe. I couldn't pick a favourite as each place has its own unique flavour. I can say that all the places I've been and hoop communities that I've met have shared a common thread of kindness and openness that constantly blows me away and leaves me inspired and humbled.

However, I do love the way the hoopers in the UK get all glittered up for workshops and conventions; I just love sparkles.

I'm looking forward to going to going back to Vienna on late August to teach, Vienna is such a beautiful city and I have some lovely friends there. I'm also looking forward to going to Brighton in November for Brighton Flow Fest. I'm teaching alongside some wonderful Hooper friends of mine so I know it's going to be great. I've never been to Brighton before!

I'm also looking forward to teaching in Australia early next year and at Jungle Hoop Retreat in Thailand in February! I can't wait to meet some hoopers over the other side of the world!

What inspires your hoop dance flow?

When I'm creating a new act I often get inspired by certain imagery or ideas and build on that to create my act. Sometimes, I'll save a file of images that relate to the act I'm building. During my training I get inspired by music. I'm constantly looking for new music to listen and train to. My favourite thing to do is to 'discover' an album for myself through movement; I often hear an album for the first time whilst training and love how it can creatively influence me.

What hoop move/technique are you working on at the moment?

I'm work a little bit on basic juggling with 3 hoops and splitting 4 hoops on body, but currently my training with those two things is pretty sporadic and inconsistent, so maybe they're more in the category of 'things I want to train more.'

I'm working on a few ideas for new sequences. Currently, I'm a little stuck with one sequence trying to do a waist wrap with one hoop and a back roll with the other. I don't feel too frustrated about it though. I feel like some things just need time and often they come at the 'right' time, which is often when you let go of the frustration and the tension and allow them to happen when they're meant to. I used to get quite impatient and frustrated with myself before realising that it was a big waste of my energy and in the long run wasn't helping my progress.

There are some tricks and ideas that might just take a very long time to learn and perfect. If you really want to get them you'll take the time to learn them and perfect them. You may as well enjoy that time and try to enjoy the process whilst you're at it, otherwise you spend a lot of that journey feeling frustrated. As a person I'm often outcome focused. I'm trying to change my mindset a lot and enjoy the journey. I have a feeling life is more fun that way.