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HooperSonic is lucky to have such wonderful students!  Here are some nice things they had to say about their experiences!

Amy gives me back my joy and bliss, reminding me why I love to move and play. She blends artistry, creativity and athleticism is a perfect balance of fun and determination. Her musical discoveries for accompaniment are refreshing and invigorating. Thank you for helping me grow up by allowing me to reconnect with my inner child.


- Erika W

Newmarket, Ontario

I wasn't expecting to love hooping as much as I did; I just thought it would be something different and fun to do. After the first class, I was hooked! Amy's positivity and sense of humour made me so comfortable to take risks and not feel self-conscious about messing up; she makes me feel like I can do anything! I'm now signed up for my third workshop, and will keeping hooping until hopefully I'm as amazing as Amy! You're the best, HooperSonic!


- Kelly H

Bradford, Ontario

Hula hooping is an amazing, super fun way to get some exercise without even knowing you're working out! I love Amy's classes...she is energetic, patient, and a great teacher. I learn so much in every class. She also has some sweet hooping skills!! Try out a class and you'll be hooked...


- Jenny B

Toronto, Ontario

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